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Boosted Solutions 340 External Inline Fuel Pump

  • 10995
  • Save $ 6500

The Boosted Solutions 340 is a compact, lightweight pump that bolts into many existing hanger assemblies. (to find your vehicle, see the applications guide below)

What sets the 340 BS Pump apart is its superior flow throughout a wide pressure range. Compared to other popular aftermarket pumps, at 40 psi the 340 boasts more than 340 Iph. That’s over 30% more flow. This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow.  The 340 is also perfect for use as a universal replacement for applications that require more flow to support forced air power adders such as turbo and supercharged applications.
• Fits all vehicles externally inline.
• Can be used with carbureted or EFI applications
• Turbine pump mechanism increases durability and can be used in pulse modulated applications.

• Pump
• Universal Drop Parts Kit (Wiring Pigtail, Rubber Hose, (2) Clamps, Rubber Grommet)