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Pics / Vids

Most of our pictures and videos feature our small tire cars, including "The Headhunter", Chase Browns S2000 along with "The Fugitive" Lukas and Ryans 1995 Mustang with a Billet BBC and twin 94mm pro mod turbos.  Please don't be afraid to shoot us a email with your awesome videos of your car.  If we like it, we just may throw a sponsorship deal your way. 



Spring 2015 KOTS Final.  This was back to back finals for us as we won in Fall KOTS 2014.  Even though we lost this race we learned a lot and met a lot of great people!



Picture of the start line at Fall Kots 2014 "The Fugitive" against the famous Boost12 (as seen on street outlaws).  Boost12 is as fast as they come but we had his number that night and took home the win and the $8,600.00.



"The Fugitive" completely sideways at the finish line at Fall KOTS 2014 taking the win light against Joey Boost12!


 "The Fugitive" taking home the win and the $5,000.00 cash at Slouches Race at US131 Martin MI.



"The Fugitive" taking home $1,500.00 in a Grudge Race against the 901 Bad Boyz "JR". 


Boosted Solutions "The Fugitive" making a stellar test pass after only 2 times out of testing the car with a brand new drivetrain! I would love to tell the time she ran but its a grudge car.  I will say she went into the 6's in the 1/4 mile and we let off the throttle at the 1/8 mile along with deploying the parachutes somewhere in between. We were testing our new Boosted Solutions Blow Off Valves on this pass!