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About Us

Boosted Solutions INC is the proud owner of "The Fugitive", one of the baddest small tire cars in the country.  We are based out of Chesterton, IN. We focus mostly on grudge racing and grudge style shoot outs including the baddest event on the planet "King Of The Streets", also known as KOTS.  We decided to build our own Blow Off Valve after having multiple issues with other brands when we really started pushing boost.  "The Fugitive" pressurizes two of our Boosted Solutions Blow Off Valves to extreme pressures as high as 50 psi through twin pro mod 94mm turbos and a 632" Big Block Chevy making around 3,500 horsepower. In honor of our grudge style racing, we decided to name our Boosted Solutions BOV, "The Gap"

Our team consists of some of the best guys in the business to make the car run like it does.  "The Fugitive" is tuned by Patrick Barnhill with PTP Racing and CRC Racing helps with on track tuning.  She is piloted by two of the craziest, grudge racers you will find, Lukas Weldon and Ryan Hendrickson.  There are also many other people who help maintain and race this bad machine including the following, Chris Blatz, Chase Brown, Chad Houdeck, Steve Bigler, Andrew Spiewak, Paul, Randy and Kenny Cathcart and last but not least my wife Maria who makes all this possible.  All of the above also run Boosted Solutions BOV's with boosted applications.

Please check out our videos on by searching The Fugitive or Boosted Solutions.