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Boosted Solutions "GRUDGE" Blow Off Valve MSRP $249.95 37mm

Boosted Solutions "GRUDGE" Blow Off Valve MSRP $249.95 37mm

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The "Grudge" Blow Off Valve featured by Boosted Solutions is the ultimate edge in winning that big time Grudge Race.  Made of precision 6061 Billet Aluminum.  The Boosted Solutions Blow Off Valve is anodized black for increased durability and to add the ultimate grudge look to any engine!!

Our "Grudge" Blow Off Valve is designed to release back up pressure when closing the throttle on your Boosted Engine.  With all the Boost us crazy grudge guys are putting to our engines, the air needs somewhere to go when closing the throttle.  Our Blow Off Valve releases this air and prevents potentially harming your turbocharger, supercharger or engine but seals tight when your all Throttle!!

As we know the "Struggle is Real" with trying to afford these race cars, "The Fugitive" is owned by Boosted Solutions and we know about it.  That being said, we are including EVERYTHING you need to install your new "Grudge" Blow Off Valve.  Also from experience, there are many products that fail when pushing the limits of your car and you get zero help from the manufacturer so we are offering a 18 month mechanical failure warranty on our product.

Included with purchase:

-Blow off valve
-Aluminum Flange
-Bolts and o rings

*Welding required

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